Paint Tinting & Colour Matching

At Diamond Valley Mitre 10 we can colour match into Wattyl, Dulux and Accent paint. If you want to achieve a perfect match, our colour matching service can help. Just bring in a sample and our experienced staff and match the colour and tint the paint in no time.

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Exclusive Use of the Wattyl Colour Match Device
Can’t take a sample of a colour you want matched? The portable Wattyl Colour Match Device allows for fully portable colour matching. Simply take the compat device and place it on nearly any coloured object and get an accurate colour match via an mobile phone app. Simply visit the paint counter and provide your details and a refundable deposit of XX to hire it for the day.
Any items that won’t work?

Unfortunately, yes. Anything metallic will be hard to match because of the sheen, the computer has a hard time understanding the reflection. Also, the colour sample should be at least the size of a $1 coin to be accurate. This means it’s difficult to match a speck of color in a busy wallpaper pattern. It’s also a challenge to match objects with a heavy texture, like carpet. 

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